Heartbeat For Hire Coaching Services

Join our family and utilize the systems and tools we have created to benefit your company 

and build a lasting change in your workplace that drives results!

Go from TEAM NO to TEAM GO in no time
We coach C-Suites and Individual Leaders and can create packages to your needs.

Individual Coaching


  • Hour Long Zoom Sessions with Lyndsay
  • LinkedIn Evaluation and Update
  • Text/Phone Access to Lyndsay
  • Build Your Talk Track
  • Build Your Brag Book
  • Build Your Elevator Pitch
  • Curate your story and build your brand
  • Role Play
  • Navigating company politics
  • Advanced Networking
  • Career Guidance
  • Sales Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching for your Teams


Building your leaders POWER SKILLS is no longer a nice to have.  It’s a MUST for MODERN LEADERSHIP.

Do you have the time, ability and experience to ensure your leaders are inspiring your organization?  

Are you aware that your people are 6X more productive when they are happy?

Work with us to assess the health of your organization and put the right leadership skills in place to drive results. 

By emboldening upper management with the power of positive change you are effectively establishing a permanent and enduring sales culture that will quickly encompass your entire organization.

What that change looks like is up to you.

Topics Covered
  • Evaluate the health of your company culture
  • Establish performance metrics to measure improvement- attrition, training results, promotions, company surveys
  • Establish trust 
  • Build psychological safety
  • Leverage feedback
  • Leverage recognition
  • Help your teams build their personal brands
  • Model the culture you want to see
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